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  • Oberoi – Service Design Discussion ForumOnline participation on analyzing Oberoi’s service design – eg, Francis Frei’s Four Things framework, and general understanding of Oberoi’s service design. Note! This forum is not for discussing the explicit train whistle guest complaint portion of the case. For that discussion, please go to the next forum. I’ll be going through the forum and commenting and accessing participation. Add on to existing comments, start new comments!
    • If you disagree, say so, and say why!
    • If you agree, say so – and say why!
    • If you (dis)agree but for a different reason than someone’s already mentioned, add in your perspective.
    • Confused and not sure how something might fit in or should be analyzed? Ask! And don’t forget to respond when someone answers you. If you don’t respond with a follow-up agree/disagree/question to the person answering you, you won’t get credit for your initial question!
    • Did you find something in the case particularly interesting/shocking/unusual? Point it out, and explain why it stood out to you in the context of out service design concepts.
  • Oberoi – Train Whistle Dilemma ForumUse this forum to discuss: Based on your analysis of the Oberoi’s Service Design and Service Offering, what should Vikram Oberoi and GM Ratna Malholtra do about the guest that complained and left?
    1. Find the (or start a) thread in the forum with your recommendation, and the reasoning behind your recommendation.
    2. If you had also considered alternative recommendations, find the (or start a) thread describing that alternative recommendation and explain why you did not choose that alternative. Or why you ultimately chose another alternative.
    3. Look through the other recommendations and the comments on those recommendations and (dis)agree with at least three(3) other comments or recommendations.

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