HELLO Professor

I have placed you into a group of three or four of your classmates. These are the students you will work with for this first round of review and revision on your Research Paper 1, which you began during Week 5. One student in each group has been assigned as group leader. If this is you, please post your paper and replies earlier rather than later and encourage your group members to participate. Provide models of substantive feedback for the group by “liking” posts by the group that demonstrate effective feedback.

At this point in your work on this assignment you should have completed the bulk of your research and have begun the drafting process. Wherever you are at in the process, you should post your draft in this forum and respond with substantive feedback to the other members of your group.

Please post a copy of your Research Paper (regional issues) draft as a Word .doc or .docx attachment by Wednesday. After posting your draft, please respond to each of your group member’s papers with substantive feedback by Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

Complete the following process for each of your group member’s papers:

  1. Download the Peer Review Worksheet.
  2. Download one of your group member’s paper.
  3. Read the paper and complete the Peer Review Worksheet. You may also type notes into the paper if you would like.
  4. Reply to your group member’s initial post and post an overview of your feedback based on your notes. Perhaps you would like to start a discussion about a particular aspect of the paper you read, so you might consider focusing on that and asking a question of the rest of the group. Attach the Peer Review Worksheet and the copy of your group member’s paper, if you made notes in the document.
  5. Repeat for each member of your group.

The objective here is to provide your peers some thoughtful feedback that they can use to improve their essays before the final draft workshop. Please do not simply provide thin, positive feedback. Try to point your peers to places in their writing where they could focus their attention during revision based on your experience having worked on the same assignment, as well as on your general knowledge as a reader.

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