History Question


Pick a recent news story (2018-2021) that looks at gender and race in American Society. Then analyze it using class material. As you analyze the news story, you must use at least 3 topics we discussed. You must also use at least 3 assigned primary sources and one secondary source. Your essay should follow this format:

1) Summarize the news story 1-2 paragraphs

2) Relate it to class material 5-8 paragraphs

3) Provide the URL to the news story

The grading is as follows:

95 points Content: 1) Does the essay respond to the prompt? 2) Does it accurately use class material, with no historical inaccuracies? Does it use at least 3 topics from class? Does it use lecture material? Does it use at least 3 assigned primary sources? Does it use at least 1 assigned secondary?

5 points: Writing 1) Is the essay well-written with no glaring mistakes? 2) If there is a quote, is there a citation? 3) Is the URL to the news article provided?

I will provide all secondary and primary sources and lecture notes, no need to use any outside information besides the news article. Please choose a news article, that speaks on African American women and their struggle for inclusion, you can use gay or transgender articles. Please provide the URL for the news article, use the lecture notes I provide and sum up how the notes directly connect with the chosen news story. Please speak on the progressions made from the past till now and how oppression in this group still exists. (6 pages)

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