History of meat industry’s effects on climate change

The Writing Prompt: By now, you have a much better understanding of the current academic conversation about your food-related issue, question or conflict. But this us to a whole new level of analysis. How did the conversation get to this point? How and why does this history matter?

For your second major paper, we want you to make an original argument about the history of the conversation you wrote about for paper 1F (attached). Your paper should develop and support a claim based on questions such as: What historical context is necessary for connecting this issue, question or conflict from the past to the present? Which parts of that conversation are most relevant? And most importantly, why does this history matter? In other words, how and why is the historical conversation important to know and understand as we try to make sense of the current issue, question or conflict?

As with the first assignment, an essay in this genre is expected to use an introduction, multiple paragraphs, and a conclusion. It should develop an arguable claim based on reasons, historical research-based evidence, and analysis of that evidence.

Also, the paper must include at least one properly formatted visual element which contributes to the purpose.

To demonstrate that you are entering a historical conversation, your paper must engage with four additional sources (in other words, this means four sources in addition to anything you read for Writing Assignment 1F).

Why a History Paper? It is our hope that you will learn that history is more than a collection of facts, details, events, and dates that occurred in the past. Instead, we hope to teach you that a critical understanding of history is an important tool for those who wish to address or even try to resolve the most pressing issues, questions and conflicts of our day. We also aim to show you that a critical understanding of history is not simply the domain of the history department. Scholars in all fields need to know the history of the theories, methods, issues, and tools at their disposal. Lastly, it is our goal to demonstrate that all written “history” (yes, even your textbooks in high school) is about the choices that all writers must make when writing about the past. All writers make decisions based on which sources to engage with, which evidence to use (or not) and which analysis to offer (or not).

Purpose, Context and Audience: To get started, you will need to engage with appropriate primary and secondary sources to help you answer your research questions. The purpose for this assignment is to teach you how to locate, evaluate, select, arrange and integrate sources into a multimodal writing assignment. A secondary purpose is to teach you the foundational steps in the research and writing processes that you will transfer to other classes and contexts.

As with Assignment 1F, we recommend that you follow Trimble’s advice for developing your readability. Imagine you are writing to a classmate or friend that is unfamiliar with the topic. This reader is not necessarily familiar with the issue or conflict, nor is this reader well-read on the subject. We encourage you to spend some time brainstorming a list of reader expectations—what does this reader need from you? What prior knowledge do they have or lack? What writerly techniques do you need to use to achieve your purpose for this intended audience?

You have approximately 6 pages to develop your historical analysis. Include a Works Cited page with your final draft.

My first paper 1F (attached) involved showing the complexity of the issue of the consumption of animal products. For this second paper, I will be focusing on only McKibben’s article (see attached pictures) and discussing the effects that meat consumption has on climate change. I have to write about the history of these effects and their importance. A short summary of the McKibben article should be included in this paper and tied back to how it is relevant to the complex issue of the consumption of animal products.

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