HI, I need paper to summary the main points in the attachment

Professor requirements “Your essay should begin by summarizing parts of Sherman’s essay and framework, particularly elements that help you define key terms for your analysis (e.g., feminism and neoliberal femininity). You could imagine that you are explaining the important elements of Sherman’s arguments to a reader who has not read Sherman’s essay and who needs help understanding how her ideas can be useful to understand other films. Like Sherman, you will want to understand these terms as themselves complex and to see the film engaging with them in complicated ways. As Sherman does, you should then look closely at specific details from the film you have chosen to help you develop your analysis. Consider questions like the following: How are the tensions in this film resolved? Or are they? Does the film seem to favor “revolutionary” or “conservative” standpoints? How, finally, do you “read” what this particular “film tries to do to us”?

I need a paper to summary the the context of (Sherman) and please make sure to meet the all requirements

1- a simple and good introduction.

2- Summary: Sherman with her points and explain how she developed and defends them. NOTE: do not repeat what was written in the context just mention the main points and explain it simply and very easily.

3- Summary of your film, it has to be short not that much.

4- How does Sherman’s framework apply to your film. NOTE, each paragraph in this section shall discuses only one aspect of Sherman as applies to your film ( be organized ).

NOTE: it has to be 5-7 pages

NOTE: please make it easy and not complicated and just use what in the context of Sherman not out side sources.

NOTE: I need just the introduction with outline after 16 Hours but the rest of work can be done prior to the specified time.

here is attachment for the Sherman’s essay and also, I have posted some helpful notes were taken during the class to have better understand and make it easier.

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