GENDER STUDIES/FEMINIST PHILOSOPHY: Explain the processes by which men are socialized to do less emotional labor than women.

ESSAY QUESTION: I broke it down into parts but they all need to be answered.

1. Explain the processes by which men are socialized to do less emotional labor than women.

2. Why do you think that is?

3. How does that socialization relate to other gender norms?

4. Using ideas from texts we’ve read, explain why women do unreciprocated emotional labor and how the division of emotional labor is harmful for both men and women.

5. What kinds of wide-scale social changes would encourage a more equitable division of emotional labor?



-Read the text(s) you’re writing about carefully, more than once. Make sure you understand their meaning. These texts are hard, and they reward re-reading, and the better you understand them, the more interesting your writing about them will be. If you’re not sure what to say, or the prompt seems daunting, go back and read the texts again. (IMPORTANT)

-You need to do a lot of thinking before you start writing. Or, you can think through writing— but then you have to write several drafts, delete a bunch of stuff, etc. Try to tell someone else (or record yourself explaining, like on your phone) what you are arguing in the paper. If you stumble through that, then you haven’t gotten your thoughts worked out enough to submit the paper.

-For the final paper, you CAN bring in your own experiences, but these should in general not be the focus of the paper. Your own experiences can be relevant in illustrating or providing support for a point.

-Make sure the thesis of your paper is clearly stated early on in the paper. ORGANIZE THE PAPER TO SUPPORT THE THESIS. What is the main claim of each paragraph, and how do they develop a case for the thesis?

-Provide a road map of your paper within the first paragraph or two. (EX. IN THIS PAPER FIRST I WILL… SECOND…etc.)

-Remember you should be writing for a reader who is thoughtful and curious but who did not take the class and who does not want to have to work too hard to figure out what you’re saying.

-Look over your paper for run-on sentences, sentences with lots of complicated clauses, and paragraphs with too much going on.

-Include a bibliography.

-Give your paper an informative, interesting title.

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