Exercise 4 psychology

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Class Exercise 4: Tracing Historical Roots of Topic

In this class exercise, you will work on tracing the historical roots of your topic as far back into the discipline of psychology as you can. Try to identify early theories, theorists, and/or schools of thought in psychology that pertain to your topic.

Use what you’ve learned from the history reading assigned for today and our discussion to guide you in this assignment. Also make use of the “History of Psychology Resources” posted in the Research Paper section of Blackboard.

Take note of what Heidbreder (1933) identified as the “Seven Psychologies” in the early days of the discipline: Structuralism (Titchener), the psychology of William James, Functionalism, Behaviorism, Dynamic Psychology, Gestalt Psychology, and Psychoanalysis (Freud).

1. List below any theories, theorists, and historical schools of thought in psychology that you have already identified as relevant for your topic. Indicate the year that each theory was developed and the birth/death dates of each theorist.

2. In the Advanced Search tab in APA PsycNET, actively search for more sources that will inform the historical roots section of your paper. Try using valid Index Terms for your topic (e.g., Domestic Violence) with various combinations of the following valid Index Terms: History of Psychology, Theories, Psychological Theories, Theoretical Orientation, Theory Formulation, or Theoretical Interpretation. List the search term combinations below that were the most useful.

3. List below any new theories, theorists, and historical schools of thought that you have uncovered in your PsycNET searches, specifying the year that each theory was developed and the birth/death dates of each theorist.

4. Below, paste in the citations (in brief record format) for any new historical sources you have located.

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