Entrepreneurial Strategy

Part 1 is due in 1 day (August 7); Part 2 is due in 2 days from now (Aug 8); You will be given 5 days after completing Part 1 & 2 for Part 3 (August 13)

Part – 1 – APA Format; Minimum 850 words; must provide atleast 3-4 references. No Plagiarism.

Identify a public company and go to the investor relations section of their website…such as this, for example


Look at events and presentations or financial reports and see what you can find out about their strategy(ies).

Using the discussion questions guidelines for this course, discuss and comment with your thoughts.

PART – 2 – APA Style Report; must provide atleast 4 references. No Plagiarism.

Respond to the following in 6-7 pages not including cover and reference page. Provide at least four references to support your work and format in the APA style.


Pedro Santini has been a computer analyst for five years. In his spare time, he has developed a word processing software program that is more comprehensive and powerful than any on the market. Because he does not have a great deal of money, Pedro believes that the first step in producing and marketing this product should be to obtain the necessary venture capital.

The software program has been written and trial-tested by Pedro and a handful of friends to whom he gave the material. Two of these friends are computer word processors who told him that the program is faster and easier to use than anything on the market. Pedro believes that these kinds of testimonials point out the profit potential of the product. However, he still needs to get financial support.

One of Pedro’s friends has suggested a meeting with a venture capitalist. “These guys have all sorts of money to invest for new ventures,” the friend told Pedro. “All you have to do is explain your ideas and sell them on giving you the money. They are always looking to back a profitable idea, and yours is certain to be one of the best they have seen in a long time.”

Pedro agrees with his friend but believes he should not discuss the matter with a venture capitalist until he has thought through answers to the various types of questions likely to be asked. In particular, Pedro believes he should be able to provide the venture capitalist with projected sales for the first three years and be able to explain the types of expenses that would be incurred. Once he has done this, Pedro feels that he will be ready to talk to the individual. “Right now,” he tells his friend, “it’s just a matter of time. I think that, within seven to ten days, I’ll be ready to present my ideas and discuss financial needs.”


1.In addition to financial questions, what other questions is the venture capitalist likely to ask Pedro?

2.Would a business plan be of any value to Pedro? Why or why not?

3.How would you recommend Pedro get ready for his meeting with the venture capitalist? Be complete in your answer.

Part 3 – MOST IMPORTANT- Case –

Innovating Innovation @tk Case Analysis

Your work must formatted in the APA style with a cover page, Abstract and Reference page. Provide at least ten (10) references to support your thoughts. Your work should be between at least 22 pages not including your cover page and reference page. Play close attention to APA formatting and ensure that all work is cited properly. Attaching APA Sample.


When considering the case prompts, objective is to follow a problem solving approach that reflects insight based upon analysis and research.

Provide a detailed analysis of the case based upon the following case prompts:

  1. Why did Reihold Achatz agree to move from a 2000 person R&D organization at Siemens to a 20 person organization at tk?
  2. How effective has Achatz been in transforming tk’s innovation process so far? What grade would you give his performance so far?
  3. Why did Achatz choose to start with a new PLM process, as he developed tk’s new innovation process?
  4. How can a small central R&D organization motivate powerful business units to cooperate with new innovation initiatives?
  5. Where should the new projects shown in Exhibit 4 go in the tk innovation process? Place each project in the part of the tk process where you think it fits best? What criteria di you use to address this question?
  6. What role does open innovation play in tk’s innovation process?

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