English Question


——The character that I chose are Pam and Michael from The Office

Students will complete a summary analyzing various communication concepts within a character relationship from a TV show or film of their choice. Students should provide:

  • an overview of the show/film and characters chosen (context for those who have never seen or heard of these characters)
  • a summary of the show and its plot as well as the perception the audience might have of the characters chosen
  • analysis of Nonverbal Communication and 2 additional concepts of their choice (answering the questions from the writing guide)
  • **Although this is not an essay, it should be in complete sentences. You will be using this summary for your Character Communication Digital Poster at a later date. **

    Nonverbal Communication (required)

  • kinesics (body language), paralanguage (vocal manipulation), haptics (tactile communication), proxemics (space/distance), chronemics (time) and objects/artifacts (clothing and accessories)
  • o identify the nonverbal codes and explain how they contribute to the overall communication between the characters in the show.

    Choose 2 additional concepts to analyze from below:

    Attachment style

  • Secure
  • Avoidant
  • Anxious
  • Self-disclosure

  • Johari window
  • Social penetration model (onion model)
  • Relational Dialectics

  • Connection vs. separation
  • Predictability vs. novelty
  • Openness vs. privacy
  • Conflict Management Style

  • Avoidance
  • Accommodation
  • Competition
  • Compromise
  • Collaboration

    Questions to Answer/Things to Address in Your Analysis

    Required for all:

    Overview and Summary of the Show

  • What are the key things to understand about this relationship and these characters? Think about personal history, self-concept, culture etc.
  • What is the audience likely to think about this character (perception)?
  • What type of relationship is this? (family, friend, romantic, etc)
  • What are the character(s)’ communication goals in this plot? Is the character effective at achieving them?
  • Nonverbal Communication:

  • Describe the character(s)’ nonverbal communication style. How do they utilize (or fail to utilize) kinesics, paralanguage, proxemics, haptics, chronemics, and artifacts? Is it effective for their communication goals?
  • Choose 2 additional concepts from this list:

    Attachment Style:

  • Is this a complementary or symmetrical relationship? Why?
  • What kind of attachment style do these characters have? Why?
  • Self-disclosure:

  • How did these characters become close to one another?
  • Describe the characters self-disclosure. What did they reveal about themselves and why? (You may use either the Johari window or the social penetration model.)
  • Relational Dialectics:

  • Describe any dialectic tensions that the characters in this relationship have to manage. How do they deal with the tension? Do you think the way they handle it is successful?
  • Conflict Management Style:

  • Describe the character(s)’ conflict management style. How is this style shown? (It would help to use a specific example/conflict here. Is the style used effective for their communication goals
  • — I made for class a homework based on this other homework and I think you can support you on the answer too for writing the essay

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