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This paper offers you an opportunity to appreciate the ways that Plato’s Euthyphro dramatizes the norms of argumentation that we’ve studied. Your paper should develop an interpretive thesis that focuses on one central element of the exchange between Socrates and Euthyphro that you find particularly revealing or important.

At the heart of the contrast between Euthyphro and Socrates are opposing warrants about how issues of guilt and innocence should be decided in courts of law – such as the court where Euthyphro is bringing charges of murder against his father – and where Socrates has been charged by Miletus for the crime of corrupting the young. Make a claim about how the dialogue is contrasting opposing warrants and how this contrast highlights the need for a standard of justice independent of local tradition that can be used for deciding particular cases of innocence and guilt.

Book:Euthyphro by Plato

You can structure your essay in a very straightforward manner:


a.Open with background information that can provide context for your focus and for the

claim that the paper will advance. This contextual information might include what

struck you about the dialogue – or how the dialogue raises issues that remain alive


b.Segue from background to a clear statement of your thesis


a.If needed, begin the body with a paragraph that established key background features of the dialogue that are pertinent to your claim. Assume that your reader is familiar with the dialogue, so you have no obligation to begin with a summary of the whole dialogue. Your outline should let you know whether you should start your body with a section that offers background or context.

b.If there is an obvious counter-interpretation to the one you are advancing, address counter-views to your thesis.

c. Elaborate on the evidence that supports your thesis over other positions.

(The body should be in the range of three to four paragraphs)


a.Brief restatement of your thesis

b.Brief explanation of the significance of your thesis for your reader.

Format/Self-Reflection — The paper should be in the range of three (double-spaced word-processed) pages. Use 12 pt. font, center the title on the first page (no title page) with name & Class printed in the upper left corner. Please use MLA citation format. Your paper will be submitted through safe-assign in BB.

Be sure that you save your paper as a word document – not a PDF, or any other file format. Word is the only program I can use to give feedback on your paper.

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