Engage and Assess

  1. Introduce the individual case, group, or community. The Group is called the Homicide Transformation Group (grief groups for survivors of homicide victims)..The purpose of the group is To support individuals and families to become empowered and gain control of their life.
    • To have support in a safe and supportive environment with other survivors.
    • To identify specific barriers and obstacles that impact homicide survivors and their families.
    • To gain support emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
    • To work through the grieving process.
    • To promote change in our community for service providers and survivors and their families.
    • To process unresolved issues so that survivors can move forward. The goals
    of the group are: Creating an Environment for effective communication and mutual understanding for all participants
    • Help participants develop their own goals; deadlines and commitment to the group
    • Create a space for participants where they will feel safe
    • Allow participants opportunity and enough space to share
    • Conduct activities that are conducive for the participants
  2. Share what you learned from the all-class role play (New learning from discussion on the readings on evaluation at micro or mezzo levels for generalists must be in this assignment).
  3. Discuss each of the following practice areas as you experience using these techniques/skills at the micro, mezzo or macro level.
    • Exploring and Engaging- relationship building skills, interviewing skills, communication with empathy/authenticity, basic interviewing skills, clarifying roles and responsibilities.
    • Exploring, Assessing and Planning- Developing goals and formulating a contract;
    • Exploring and understanding the situation and clients’ strengths, interpersonal and environmental factors, and any other important factors.
    • Assessing and Intervening – Identify any theory and conceptual frameworks that are relevant to the case.
    • Planning and implementing – Incorporating theories, contracting/treatment planning, connecting needs to resources, creating goals and evaluating goals.
    • Terminating-Resolution of problems, reviewing treatment goals and successes, securing additional resources.
  1. End by providing comments on what this process meant for your learning experience.
  2. Identify five resources that relate to the problem(s) in the case and submit in writing.

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