ENC 1102 Writing plan

1101 1102 Writing Plan

Writing Plan MWP 3


1.Read and annotate the prompt for MWP 3.

2.Create a plan for how you will answer the essay.

3.What steps will you take? Will you borrow key words? If so, which ones.

4.What quotes from “Expensive Regrets”, and Miami will you use to support your thesis statement? Include a mention of where these quotes are located. This will help you as you craft the final paper.

  • For this writing plan, write a cohesive paragraph where you define a plan to answer the prompt, include a working thesis for MWP3, find quotes or at least locate supporting quotes, include supporting details as part of the thesis statement that will serve as topic sentences.

Must include quote from articles

Paragraph Format Review

Paragraph 1

  • Hook- attention getter;
  • Background Info: Introduce the authors and their texts. A brief bio and a summary of the texts.
  • Thesis Statement + 2-3 Supporting Ideas – This is where you answer the prompt by looking at the questions I shared with you, then you select the ones you want to write about and use the key words from the question in the prompt. This will be the last sentence of the first paragraph.

Aliche, “Although, many believe that Babitz’ writing is surprising, Didion’s writing is more powerful and focused.

“Although Didion is excellent in historical context, Eve Babitz’ writing is more effective due to her use of scenes, dialogue, and impressionistic scenes.” Ismael

“Miami” by Didion and “Expensive Regrets” by Babitz. Both writing pieces are beautifully crafted. Joan Didion and Eve Babitz are, without a doubt, two prolific writers that lived through fame and glory. “Miami” was written with new journalism techniques and is somewhat in-between a style of a narrative and informative piece about the position of Cuban exiles on the event known as “The Bay of Pigs Invasion”, as well, touching the opinion of how Miami is more than just a city for immigrants (particularly for Cubans). With Babitz, “Expensive Regrets” is an autobiographical-narrative piece of a moment in Babitz’s life

Edwin Bermudez

Paragraph 2 and 3… (Body Paragraph)

  • Topic Sentence: which is the first supporting detail
  • Support, Evidence, Elaboration on the text,
  • Use quotes from Eve and Joan
  • Explain the quotes to the reader
  • Relate the quote back to the first paragraph.
  • Example: This supports my thesis statement because…. This shows that ….

We will learn next week how to cite quotes! (Didion paragraph 3 54)

(Didion 54)


  • Recap Thesis Statement
  • Recap Supporting Details
  • Leave the reader with an impression
  • Writing Plan Due 12/10 11:59 Friday.
  • Annotated BIB First draft 12/6 1159
  • MWP 3 DUE 12/13/11

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