earth science log (May 6 – August 3, 2019)

Throughout the semester (May 6 – August 3, 2019), students will be asked to collect information about earth science that is reported in the news. The log should include stories related to earth science as covered in class (e.g., new research findings, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, floods, etc.). You should probably have one entry per week, and make it the top story of that week. For example, if an earthquake hits Chile and a volcano erupts in Indonesia in the same week, the only entry in your summary should be the one with the bigger impact. The typewritten log will be handed in on July 31, and should be submitted by email as electronic file.

The final typewritten earth science log should include the following information:

Topic (earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc.)

Date (be specific; if there is a start and end date, list both; if there is a time, mention it)

Location (be specific; countries like ours are big, so a country name may not be a sufficient location)

Why was it reported in the news? (impact on ecology, economy, humans, etc.; provide specific information, such as total economic loss due to property damage, casualties; or for topics not related to hazards, think of events like climate change talks, policy decisions on tar sand exploration, etc.)

Sources of information (newspaper/magazine articles, television/radio reports, internet URLs; they need to be reliable, so someone’s twitter, blog, instagram, etc. should not be your source of information; be specific here, is not enough)

Entries in the log should be in chronological order and part of the grade will be based on its organisation. Make the instructor’s life easy…appearance does count!

While teamwork is encouraged, the log must be yours, written in your own words. Logs that are exact copies will not be marked.

Cutting and pasting information straight from the Web is not acceptable!!!

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