Each subsequent day, for 19 days, you will log the research and the application to your personal program.

3 Week Research and Development Program

You have established your starting point. You have established a foundation in exercise and nutrition. Now, through research we will advance each component of our personal programs and develop them to push us in each aspect of their applications to our unique circumstances. We will use the first day to establish our overall strategy, (our philosophy to improve), to attack this assignment. The second day we will begin to apply a new concept or idea to one or all, daily ….nutrition,flexibility, cardio, strength and/or attitude.

Each subsequent day, for 19 days, you will log the research and the application to your personal program. Each weekend, review what has transpired throughout that week. The final review will be, as usual, a complete assessment of the entire project, assessing successes and failures, and what will be carried into the next project.

For example, a person who has ‘blood sugar’ and ‘insulin resistance’ issues might focus on food manipulation to balance their blood sugar and effective ways to incorporate exercise to help in that management.

Another person might be focused on reducing body fat and inches while increasing lean muscle mass. They could incorporate ‘Intermittant Fasting’ strategies while introducing ‘keto’ principles to their diet.

Another might want to increase flexibility(using Tai Chi) and high intensity training cardio , while another is primarily focused on strength gains.

Then, there is the rare individual that purposes to improve EVERY aspect of their ‘person’ …..blood, bones, brain, skin, heart and lungs, etc. etc. They cite their research stating that we are capable of regenerating healthier cells in a 7 year period ….a whole new and improved you. They begin to implement a comprehensive program that will serve as the foundation for their 7 year plan. 3 weeks can serve as a viable beginning to jump start this ambitious undertaking.

Whatever your ‘vision’ for this project, micro or macro. tunnel vision or max comprehensive, do daily RESEARCH, apply it creatively to develop it, log it well, AND review/assess/analyze it moving forward. Research and Development !!!!!

Find ways to be a better you, day by day by day. Trust the process. Embrace the pain….no pain/no gain. Don’t quit. Never give up. If you fall, get up and get back to work. Success is a lesson. Failure is often the strongest lesson. Embrace both.

Good luck. Enjoy the program. Cultivate incredible strength. Do ‘serious work’ !!!!!

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