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Please respond to responses to the initial discussion post in a minimum of 75 words. Please refer to Ch 8 attached. Please also label with Response 1 and Response 2. PLEASE BE SURE TO USE APA FORMATTING

Ormrod, J. (2016). Human learning. (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Publishing

Initial Discussion Prompt:

Choose a topic with which you are familiar, and imagine that you have to give a half-hour lecture on that topic. Describe your topic, then explain in concrete terms the steps you would take in your lecture to maximize the likelihood that your listeners would engage in:

  1. Meaningful learning
  2. Organization
  3. Elaboration
  4. Visual imagery

Remember to choose a topic that you currently teach, would like to teach, or one that you would like to present to a group of faculty members

Response 1

My topic would be elaboration. We use elaboration to help us understand new information increasing from simple to complex thinking. To make sure that the listeners engage in elaboration I would inform them that we can think of elaboration as one that students use to think about the learning process. Our process includes taking prior knowledge to enhance the old and new knowledge as they merge together thereby creating a new version. Then we store the new revised data which is a process of learning more than the material presented (Ormrod, 2016).

I would give an example about students responding to the usage of elaboration. For example, have you ever asked your students to put a story in writing about their favorite food? They usually give long drawn-out details of when they last ate it or describe how it looks. Some people use elaboration incorrectly because individuals generalize a situation that did not accuracy happened. According to Ormrod (2016), elaboration provides more details which we can later retrieve from different parts of our memory. Elaboration explains the cognitive processes that may be involved in long-term memory storage (Ormrod, 2016). For example, teachers may give a procedural task, the simplest is presented first, then other lessons present more versions until the full range of the tasks are taught (Reigeluth, 2017).

Response 2

My topic would be professional learning communities. Professional learning communities are schools that have professionals meet and collaborate in order to grow as teachers and to help improve student performance. This process is to ensure that every student in the community learns more. In order for a PLC to thrive, all teachers and staff must be all in and willing to collaborate and share in a organized environment. They must be willing to give time and effort to get better at their professions as well. The first thing I would do in my lecture is to relate the PLC as something the teachers can understand and relate to.

To make sure that the listeners engage in meaningful learning I would explain that the PLC acronym can really be dropped. I would also explain that any good professional is really already engaging in this activity with the PLC stigma on it. I would relate their learning to writing of lesson plans. When your looking for a fun activity to do on dividing fractions you look online or use resources from others to find the activity. Rarely does any teacher create a new activity for every topic. No, they choose to find other’s activities and use them to meet their needs. PLC is the same way just you use teachers in your community to bounce ideas off of. This relates to something each teacher has background knowledge on and can help with meaningful learning. I would organize my lecture to ensure learners internalize the information. The first thing I would start with is telling them why we plc. Starting with the why gets them thinking of the end results and that would drive there what. Backwards learning helps with organization in a persons mind because the learner knows their end and can then work to get their. The third step I would take in my lecture is to allow the listener to elaborate on what is being said. I would dwell into certain inferences people make about professional learning communities. This will also help them make connections in with they are hearing and what their minds are processing. The last step I would take to endure listeners are actively learning while I speak is to create visual imagery. I would help learners draw a mental picture of what PLC looks like. I would help by leading them to this picture by using illustrations of successful PLC groups and how it helps kids from all diverse economic groups (Ormrod, 2016).

If I can do all this will speaking, my listeners will have learned what a PLC is and how to be part of one.

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