Discussion Questions for Psychology and Accounting




1. Empty self

What does the term empty self mean to you? Explain how this concept relates to wellbeing

2. Increase in affluence and depression

Research indicates that rates of depression have increased dramatically over the past 50 years, while there has been a substantial increase in affluence (Baumgardner & Crothers, 2009). Discuss the theories that account for the relationship between these two variables.

3. Who is happier

Who is happier man or women? What does the book say and how does that reflect your personal experience? Who is happier persons in relationships or persons who are single? Based on the readings this week what did you learn about happiness in relation to self and being with others?

4. Winning the lottery

Why do we play the lottery? Does winning the lottery equal being happy and not having to worry about the future. Let’s say that a person wins $27 million how could this affect them?

5. Work and Unemployment : Reading this text it is being implicated that being employed makes people happier than when people have job loss.

6. Benefits of Marriage

7. When winning the lottery.. What about taxes? People often see the initial amount and forget about the federal and state taxes. These taxes can be substantial and occur yearly.



1. Three Types of IRS Audit (Examination)

2. Statute of limitations

3. Taxpayer filing requirements/due dates

4. Tax avoidance VS. Tax evasion

5. Types of Taxes

6. Different Tax Rates

7. Income Shifting

8. Ethics

Agnes Meher is the owner of LuPat, a profitable construction company that she operates as a sole proprietorship. As a sole proprietor, Agnes reports the business income from LuPat on her individual tax return. Agnes expects the business to generate $400,000 of taxable income this year, which in combination with her other income, will put her in the top tax bracket (39.6%). Agnes has two children named Ellie Mae and Spencer, ages 9 and 11 respectively, who do not currently have any taxable income. Agnes would like to shift some of her income from LuPat to Ellie Mae and Spencer to reduce the overall tax burden from the business income. To shift the income, Agnes hired Ellie Mae and Spencer to perform some janitorial and clerical services for LuPat, paying each child $20,000. What do you think of Agnes’s strategy?

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