Discussion question ENG 350


Here is a discussion for week 4 Eng. 350 I need you to read the professor instructions and follow it and you will be able to answer the discussion question. You need to do the reading I’ll upload it for you. read it then you can do the discussion. YOU MUST READ THE READING.

Here is the professor instruction :

For this week’s discussion board post,

  • Please choose three of the guiding questions from this week, and do your best to respond to them.
  • You should then choose a term that you found interesting OR that you feel you still don’t understand. Do your best to define the term, using quotations from the reading but primarily through your own paraphrasing. You should then generate your own example of the term or concept and explain it.
  • End the post by posing a question to your peers.

The initial post should be at least 350 words.

Guidelines for replying to peer posts:

This is less structured. You can either respond to a peer’s question, or you can try to help them with the question they chose.

— Here is the questions that you need to choose from.

Guiding Questions Week 4: Tuck and Yang

How is settler colonialism distinct from colonialism? What is unique about it?

What is an indigenous person?

What is a settler?

What is a settler move to innocence? Use examples.

What do Tuck and Yang mean when they say decolonization is “incommensurable?”

What is Tuck and Yang’s critique of academia and popular culture approaches to decolonization? How is their approach different, and why?

What is an “ethic of incommensurability”?

Why do you think Tuck and Yang were motivated to write this article?

The term you will choose is from the readin vthat I uploded for you

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