Data Visualization using R tool

  • Review the attached file. Suzie has an issue. She can either move to NY or FL and needs to review some data that her agent gave her. The agent reviewed house prices and crime ratings for houses that Suzie would be interested in based on her selection criteria. She wants to live in an area with lower crime but wants to know a few things:
    1. Is it more expensive or less expensive to live in FL or NY?
    2. Is the crime rate higher in FL or NY (Note a low score in crime means lower crime)?
    3. Is the crime rate higher in lower or higher house price areas?

    Using the R tool, show the data in the tool to answer each of the questions. Also, show the data visualization to go along with the summary.

    1. If you were Suzie, where would you move based on the questions above?
    2. After you gave Suzie the answer above (to #4), she gave you some additional information that you need to consider:
      1. She has $100,000 to put down for the house.
      2. If she moves to NY she will have a job earning $120,000 per year.
      3. If she moves to FL she will have a job earning $75,000 per year.
      4. She wants to know the following:
        1. On average what location will she be able to pay off her house first based on average housing prices and income she will receive?
        2. Where should she move and why? Please show graphics and thoroughly explain your answer here based on the new information provided above.

    Note: The screenshots should be copied and pasted and must be legible. Only upload the word document. Be sure to answer all of the questions above and number the answers. Be sure to also explain the rational for each answer and also ensure that there are visuals for each question above. Use at least two peer reviewed sources to support your work.

No plagiarism/spinbot/synonymic words please

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