data for this project is from Kaggle . # YOU HAVE 5 DAY BUT YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME SOME EVERYDAY

The data for this project is from Kaggle (Brazil E-Commerce Data). I encourage you to visit Kaggle to see some of the analyses others have done with this data and consider how to incorporate some of them into your work. You can also see a description of the data elements and the files on there and some descriptive statistics. You can use this as an inspiration for your dashboard. See the screenshot below for an example of some of the descriptive statistics automatically available for this dataset.

To get started for this week, consider doing the following:

  • Prepare a final data set, adding the full state names in Brazil, the payment types used for the transactions, Category name in English, demographic characteristics of State, geographic coordinates (longitude and latitude) of sales.
  • Produce descriptive statistics of the data, which at a minimum will include:
    • Top products
    • Top 5 grossing states
    • Summary statistics of the key data elements. Summary statistics will include:
    • Show outlying data

i.By gross sales

ii.By product counts

iii.By number of customers

iv.Review (count top 4/5 ratings)





i.Min, max, mean, standard deviation, mode

Show results on a dashboard; see how to get started here.

Remember, this is the minimum you can do. If you only do what is described in 2 a, b, c, d, you will not get the full grade. Put yourself in the shoes of a manager and outline some of the metrics you would like to see based on these data. Check with me regularly to update me on progress.

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