Create a media strategy to help realign the client’s public image.

Task 2: Analysis/Strategy Presentation

In order to successfully complete this activity:

  • Review what we’ve discussed about media strategy and media analysis last week.
  • Select a “celebrity in crisis” to work for in this job simulation.
  • Perform a media analysis of the client’s image after their most recent crisis.
  • Create a media strategy to help realign the client’s public image.
  • Present the analysis and strategy using a web based presentation tool.

This is the first of three job simulation projects you will complete during this course. These projects are meant to simulate some of the basic types of task you could face in the media communications industry.

For this project, imagine that you have been contracted to deliver a media analysis and strategy report to a high profile client. In this job simulation, your hypothetical client is a real “celebrity in crisis.”

You are free to select any high profile celebrity, actor, sports star, or musician who made a huge, image altering, public blunder in the last year or two. Use search engines or your own knowledge of current events to select a “celebrity in crisis” who made a costly public mistake. This will be the client you are working for. Examples might include Miley Cyrus dancing in the Grammys or Jameis Winston stealing crab legs.

People who make a living due to their high profile image pay other people to help them protect it. When embarrassing and damaging mistakes are made public, these “celebrities in crisis” work hard to control the story and spin the media buzz in their favor. It is possible to lose millions of dollars from big mistakes and save millions of dollars with clever media strategies.

Research the client that you choose. Learn as much as you can about their public image before the crisis occurred. Then research the crisis itself, and finally, the aftermath. This will give you the material you need to form the media analysis.

Then, based on what you learned about the crisis, create a media strategy that will help alter/fix/correct the public’s opinion of your client. You can’t change who your client is, but as a media strategist, you can suggest different approaches to changing how the public and the media perceive them.

Using PowToons, Prezi, SoundCloud, or a video recorder, create a 3-5 minute presentation that (1) presents your media analysis of “where the client is” because of the crisis and (2) your media strategy for fixing the damage done to the client’s public image. This presentation can take almost any form as long as the analysis and strategy are clearly communicated to the client.

In most cases a media analysis and strategy proposal is a written document. In this case your client is asking you to take your ideas and boil them down to the important points and share them in a 3-5 minute audio/videoor audio-only presentation.

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