Controversy: Gender Dysphoria- Should It Be in the DSM-5?

Great reflections here so far this week Class! I agree that this discussion brings up a lot more questions than answers.

This tends to be a tricky topic to come to a consensus on this week but there seems to be consensus so far around leaving GD in the DSM-5. As we all learn more about the specific needs, concerns, and complexities within transgender, gender queer, and gender non-binary populations, I ask you to consider whether counselors should have this type of training and whether this training should be mandatory for all mental health practitioners?

In addition to leaving GD in the DSM-5, it seems like there is also agreement on the following:

  • Individuals who identify as trans or gender-nonconforming, may not qualify for a diagnosis if GD unless they meet criteria.
  • Functional impairment is required in order to assign any diagnosis and if the individual does experience a functional diagnosis, another diagnosis might be a better fit such as anxiety or trauma-related diagnosis.
  • Many votes so far for leaving GD in the DSM-5 but also some for taking it out.

What did I miss?? Class, please review these themes and respond to this thread with additional themes from this week.

I think there is also need for more social activism regarding trans-rights. Transgender activist and media specialist, Jen Richards, did a nice piece on the topic of role models for Transgendered community in 2015. It is a four part series and explores a day-in-the-life for a gender nonconforming individual and ways to seeks refuge and support. It is available on-line at: to an external site.and share your thoughts.

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