Consulting case study: Request for Proposal (RFP)

For the purposes of the business case study, you are a member of a consulting firm that successfully responded to the Request For Proposal (RFP) and was hired by X company to advise and guide them about fixing their X problems. Purchasing a new item is not currently an option. Another solution to address the problem in the near-term is required. Think more about people and orgonization rather than replacing products. X’s team has provided you with a dataset of about 1,600 restaurants worldwide and facts about the restaurants’
sales, staff, employee turnover, and ice cream performance. Use this data to gain some insights into potential
recommendations and actions.
Write a 1,500 word case study describing how you would advise and help X team to take
actions that will “fix” the problem they have. Make sure to address these following questions in bullet points: 1) What leadership and employee training might be needed? What is
the impact on recruiting and hiring? 2) How does the high turnover rate impact the problem? 3) Are there new work rules that
must be established? 3+) If so, what are they and how are these to be effectively communicated? 4) How will questions and
conflicts about any new policy and procedures be managed? 5) What changes to performance management practices might
be needed? 6) What additional data might be gathered and analyzed to understand the problem from the restaurant
manager’s perspective and challenges to implementing a solution? 7) What might be done to address these challenges? 8) What tradeoffs need to be evaluated? 9) How might individual staff, franchise owners, work crews, and the overall
organization be involved to understand and fix the problem? 10) How could successful change be measured? 11) What might
indicate that the actions taken have addressed the most important problems needing to be addressed? 12) What might a
realistic practical business solution look like? Please read the PDF and dataset carefully. The document should be in RFP format (attached in the business case), Please include at least 4 references to support your claims. 1500 words without reference. Cite only expert research in the business field, organizational behavior, and operation management consulting by including references for any external sources used. DO NOT PALAGARIZE!!

Expect perfect English, grammar error-free, and thoughful answers

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