concept integration

The 1997 Twelve Angry Men video, is a remake of a classic movie that captures all stages of a conflict, conflict styles, and processes that help transition groups out of a stalemate.

  • ***. Utilize these debrief questions as the basis for a 3 page paper in APA format (not including the title page, abstract and/or reference page).
  1. What type of decision making process was the jury instructed to use in reaching their verdict. Majority, Minority, Consensus, Unanimity? And how did this impact the juror’s discussion.
  1. How did personality and interaction styles influence the group’s dynamics, conflict management and decision-making process? Include the Bales Role Interaction descriptions to analyze the process.
  1. What, if anything, could have done differently to be more effective in helping the group’s conflict management and decision-making process? What constructive or destructive responses to conflict were displayed? Refer to Bales roles and the Handout on Constructive and Destructive responses to Conflict.
  1. What, if anything, did the foremen or any other member do well that helped the group’s conflict management and decision-making process? What Jury member was most influential on the jury’s decision-making process? What did he do that was so influential on the group? And what interaction style did he appear to be using? What Jury member or members delayed the decision making process and played negative roles?
  1. How accurate were you in predicting which jurors would switch their vote from Guilty to Not Guilty as the evidence was examined. What was the basis of your predictions; accurate or inaccurate?
  • The questions are there to guide and structure the essay.
  • It is not necessary to answer each question in order.
  • You may want to use the questions as sub-headings.
  • What will not make a good essay is a list of questions and then answers – that is an exam, not a paper.

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