Comment your tought on each discusion -Needs to be more than 100 words

Comment your tought on each discusion -Needs to be more than 100 words each discussion

You being poor keeps Me rich?

Discusion 1

1-There are many ways that people can view poverty throughout the world. Some perceive that western civilizations benefit solely on the poverty of other nations. Other see it as the exact opposite saying that poorer nations benefit from how wealthy western civilizations can be. There are many programs put in place to ensure survival but not development for poorer nations.

The existence of poverty help to ensure the abundance of affordable goods for western nations. We have the privilege of purchasing decent quality goods at low price level due to those products being manufactured in poorer nations. In those nations people are usually on low wage salaries and working long hours to produce those goods. We also see the benefits in the textile industry where poor migrant farmers are continually paid lower wages to produce tectiles for western civilizations.

Poverty also benefits western civilizations by increasing profit margins. Since labor is a huge expense for companies, finding people who are willing to work for practically anything companies can keep prices reasonable and increase profit margins. The less expensive the worker the larger the profit margin. Western civilization also have access to resources in poorer states that are desired by consumers. Poorer states sell raw goods and cheaper costs that western civilization then turns into more valuable finished products. For example, as stated on page 225 of the text, in Nigeria there are many oil companies operating all with the profit interests of western civilization. We continue to advance medically but at the cost of the poorer nations.

When scientist want to test medicines the poor is where they will find those willing to make a profit at any cost. Drug trials are performed on ill and impoverished states but all of the money generated from new pharmaceutical medicines are benefits to the western world only. Immigration of educated and able working people are also great for western society.

Due to the lack of opportunity in poorer nations many people in places like India who are well educated and gifted venture to places like the United States. We then benefit from all they contribute to society and the money they generate and put back into society. There are many more ways that western society benefits from poverty but, what are the ways that impoverished nations benefit from western civilizations?

Poorer nations have people who come every year to western nations looking for a better life. If they are successful and can get their citizenship they can take full advantage of all the things western civilization has to offer. With visas that allow people to come from impoverished nations to attend college or work for leading companies they also have an avenue to take advantage of western civilizations. Many people that come to the US on these kind of journeys often go back to their country with their newfound financial state and education and create startups to generate revenue for their own country.

Western society also help poorer nations stay afloat. We may not help with long term poverty eliminations but there are many programs in western civilization that give aid to countries that need it most. Whether it’s building schools so that children can later turn into an educated workforce, or the food, clothing, and money donations seen across the world.

These things do in many ways directly benefit poorer nations. Western civilizations also contribute new knowledge and ideas to poorer nations as they admire and look to us for what a cultural and society should be like. From the spreading of the ideals of democracy to the idea of free trade and open markets.

2- Discusion 2

Global poverty does provide some benefits to wealthy nations but it isn’t considered useful. The existence of poor states serves the wealthy nations in many ways one of these ways in ensuring that affordable goods for Western consumers. Because of low-wage work done in low-income countries, helps contribute to America’s reasonably priced food supply. Another example is that Western companies are able to keep prices reasonable and raise profit margins. Poor states sell resources needed by the Western states at a low price, resulting in the Western states turning those resources into a more valuable product. Global poverty helps aid Western medical advances, the poor is tested on new medicines being developed that will be used in the West. By providing this the poor helps speed up the process of new drugs being sold in western countries. Global poverty provides technological advances to the western economies, poor states such as India have very bright individuals and companies in wealthier nations will pay these people for their brains less than their domestic people. Poor countries are used by wealthy countries to go and dump any goods that are dangerous, expired or illegal. Because global poverty exists, it is able to provide jobs for the specialists that are trained to assist, advise and study the world’s poor. People, organizations, and companies that are wealthy like to make themselves look and feel good, so they give to charity. Giving to states or people in poverty encourages positive feelings. America benefits from poverty because we consume a majority of the world’s resources, this is because those poor countries can’t afford to consume at the same rate as America. Western states are suffering from major environmental issues that are caused by the American people. This is a big problem, but it isn’t seen because the poor distracts attention away from environmental problems.

Even though poor states may be beneficial to wealthier states, global poverty can have negative effects on the wealthy. Global poverty is taking away from western working-class people since so many jobs have gone overseas to low-wage places this is taking away from industrial workers in western countries. Poor states do not benefit from wealthy countries dumping their unwanted goods in their states because this endangers workers and their environment because it releases harmful toxins. Global poverty benefits from wealthier nations wanting to give to charity because it helps their poor states, an example can be that through certain charities and foundations states in poverty can be more aware of advances in health. A huge benefit provided from the wealthy to the poor states is jobs, many western countries provide labor jobs for men and women.

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