children in adult prison please use fullerton college database and the website eji bryan steveson

Write a 5 page paper answering the following prompt. This essay needs a minimum of four outside sources and Just Mercy. Your essay should be in MLA format and it needs to contain works cited and in-text citations.

* Identify ONE flaw or problem in the legal, judicial or penal system in the United States, one that is brought to light in Stevenson’s book Just Mercy.
* Conduct research in our library. You can use books or articles from our library and library database.
* Incorporate ideas and examples from Stevenson’s book to help support your discussion.

Writing: Things you might want to answer while writing and researching
1. What is the flaw or problem? Detail and explain the flaw or problem.
2. What is the cause of the problem?
3. Who is negatively affected by this problem?
4. What are the outcomes?
5. How should this problem be solved? What changes are experts advocating for?
6. Make sure you integrate examples from Stevenson’s book into your paragraphs to help explain the problem or flaw and the solution.
Checklist: Things this essay should include:
1. A strong thesis statement that identifies the problem or flaw, states your position about the problem or flaw, and covers the scope of your essay
2. An introduction with a hook, background information, and a strong thesis
3. Focused paragraphs with strong topic sentences. Avoid beginning your paragraphs with your evidence. Make sure all your paragraphs support your thesis.
4. Support from your sources and the book.
5. No data dumping–avoid dumping large portions of text into your essay. Instead, use the strategies from TSIS to help.
6. Introduce authors and their expertise. Use quote sandwiches
7. In-text citations and properly formatted works cited page
8. A strong conclusion that restates your thesis and shows the importance of your topic
9. Evidence from four sources AND Just Mercy
10. Transitions between paragraphs
11 you will need to bring like an arguments of someone else and answer for him why they should not be in adult prison

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