case study analyze

Use the case you develop to answer the 3 essential questions we have covered thus far in the course.

We are not concerned about getting it right first time. We will give feedback after. Don’t’ worry about what it is just be creative and go for it. This is for you to apply what you have been learning.

The case study should be descriptive enough to provide context, less than 1 page, but more than ½ a page of description and background. The entire assignment should be no less than two pages and a maximum of 4 pages.

how would you answer the Essential Questions for Units 1-4 involving jake, his family and his school scenario?

Jake is a 10-year-old boy from a single-parent family. He has spent close to half of his entire life at his maternal grandmother’s and the rest with his mother after she found a job and relocated to a different city. To date, Jake has never met his dad whom his mother describes as having been abusive in the relationship. He has no siblings. In the recent past, Jake’s mother has been receiving notes from the school about her son’s behavior. He has been causing distraction and disturbance to his peers at a time when they are supposed to be studying. He also does not pay attention to his teacher and has on an occasional basis blurted out answers without raising his hand. The teacher feels that Jake has the potential to perform well as his grades are still high in relation to his peers despite his unbecoming behavior. In the recent past, his behavior has been worrying as he has already been involved in a fight with his peers on three occasions. Upon a follow-up, the teacher identified that Jake was the one who picked up the fights. The teacher is beginning to develop concerns that Jake’s lifestyle could be impacting his behavior and that this could in future affect the performance and the well-being of his peers and his lead to a decline in his class performance as well if left unaddressed.

How can the role of the school counselor promote well-being through resilience and create trauma-informed schools?

How can the role of the school counselor enhance well-being through college readiness?

How can the role of the school counselor enhance well being through career readiness?

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