bussiness research project (account222111)

this work must be 1400 words and not less. you must follow the attached instructions very well, and clearly. read the instructions in the document and as i post here. “””””””This opportunity I am announcing features an individual project. The

idea is for you to document and present individually how you have used

techniques we review to yield better decisions, improved performance in

your professional lives. The template for the project report is as

a. Abstract of the project (up to 200 words summarizing the project)

Background of the problem (quantify the seriousness of the problem,

financial and policy implications at the firm and employee level if

possible), main research question(s) you aim to solve. How does this

problem fit in your job role?
c. Relevant literature review (cite

practitioner and academic literature that might have tackled the problem

and recommendations therein, give due credit, follow APA style of

citation to be followed)
d. Description of data you have (sources of

data, summary statistics, graphical plots, key variable discussions

(relevance to the problem, data available (missing data issue,

outliers), etc.)
e. The methodology you employed (justification for

the selection of the methodology given problem at hand, general

description of the methodology, underlying assumptions, etc.)

Discussion of results (use plots, sensitivity report (if applicable),

statistical evidence (as appropriate), etc., as much as possible to

support your findings)
g. Conclusions and managerial implications
Length: Minimum 5 pages, maximum of 10 pages
Spacing: One and half
Font: Times New Roman 11 point

(supplementary material): Data files (All the necessary formalities

will be followed at my end to respect the sensitive nature of data used)

and excel files supporting results should be submitted

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