Building a full business plan

should be minimum 18 pages double-spaced business plan including all the below

I have attached the project assignment and also a sample solution. The project assignment also has the scoring rubric. I need a full business plan, created for a hypothetical or a real business. The exact numbers and facts could be a bit here and there, the emphasis is more on the overall structure of the business plan, ensuring all parts of a standard business plan are covered and is at least 18-20 pages long, referencing all citations, standard APA guidelines, includes figures, plans, tables, charts (if required) and to some extent, financial reports.

The assignment is two parts, and I can take care of presenting it, and video recording it. For this part of the assignment, I only need the 20 pager report. If there’s any assumption I should know while presenting it, kindly drop me any additional presentation notes.

Please stay away from plagiarism.

Record your response using this template:

You can also use the above template for the final solution itself.

Also, added some academic content summary from our course on building a business plan. Hopefully this should help. Try to use/reference some models and technical terms/jargons to reference relevant study material. Otherwise you can be very flexible – not an issue.

Most instructions are on the project assignment doc. Imp things to capture:

– Reasonable real assumptions

– when doing market sizing or opportunity assessment use reasonable/sensible online sources and call them out

– ok to reference things up, not ok to plagiarise somebody else’s work or not use ur own judgement on the plan.

You are free to pick up any business/company or come up with one of your own hypothetical – male fictional characters and fictional account books as long as they tie up.

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