Many communities consist of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Exposing young children to a variety of cultures builds a better understanding of the world in which they interact and live. Early childhood teachers play a vital role in helping young children understand and embrace our multicultural society.

In this benchmark assignment, you will design a cultural family event to help children learn about some of the diverse cultures represented in their community. Based on the child care center where you completed your field experience, identify the various cultures in the center. Use the city of Philadelphia website and other resources to research the cultural demographics for the surrounding area.

If possible, collect additional information or student data that would support a need for volunteer opportunities in the classroom, and provide guidance regarding how to engage or appeal to potential volunteers.

Select four cultures/countries from the demographic composition of the community to represent at the event.

Create a 750‐1,000 word outline of the event including the following:

  • An overview of each culture/country represented in the community, including languages, cultural norms, and religious beliefs.
  • Cultural organizations that could be included in the event and how they would foster respectful, reciprocal relationships that support and engage families.
  • How you will seek input from students, colleagues, families, and the larger community as you collaborate on the family cultural event.
  • Learning activity for each culture/country that incorporates multiple perspectives relevant to students’ personal, family, community experiences, and cultural diversity to promote student outcomes.

Support your work with 3‐5 scholarly sources.

Read Resource #1 – Chapter 13 – password- Collegelife4/username- bross10

. –

CITATION – Grant, K. & Ray, J. (2016) Home, School, and Community
Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Engagement. Retrieved from resources/sage/2015/home-school-and-community-collaboration_culturally-responsive-

Read – “Cultural Variations in Learning and Learning Styles,” by Omidvar and Tan, from the Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education (2012)

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