AU Organizational Structure Research Paper

attached below are instructions for the assignment provided

Applied Research Paper:

Your paper should be testing one of the following concepts: applied performance practices, organizational structure, self-concept, values, or personality — see assignment instructions link above.

– MUST use course concepts and material from the textbook and the course

– MUST use in text parenthetical citations (citations within the body of the paragraph, immediately after the sentence involving the content being cited) for all source materials used.

– If using direct quotations from the source, be sure to use quotation marks, if appropriate, or if you paraphrased the source material, you can merely use the parenthetical citations.

Here is a direct link for info on in text citations:

…SO the above being said, in general, MOST or ALL of your citations will come from the course textbook, course power points, course lecture videos, any supplemental course materials… once those have been exhausted in your paper, if you still feel like you need an additional source to fully prepare your paper, THEN you can you look to an outside source to fill in anything you think needs more info to complete you paper. (This means, using an outside source instead of the course material source(s) when course materials would be the logical place to look to, it will be considered not fulfilling the requirements of using and incorporating the course materials. For example, using a website to define “organizational behavior” rather than using the textbook definition.)

– EDIT! Review your paper critically! Look for inappropriate uses of capital letters, punctuation, and appropriate grammar, etc.

– Formatting! Be sure you follow the instruction sheet to conform with the formatting/organization/misc. requirements.

– Try to use the appropriate “voice” or “tone” in the paper. In the beginning of the instructions, the paper tells you that the audience is to be as if you are submitting a formal, research paper in a formal environment. Many of you have been using first person voice in the paper. (using words like “I”, “my”, “you”, etc.) Although they may not be technically incorrect, in light of the context of the paper, it is better to use a 3rd person neutral voice. Try to change the voice of the paper to be neutral, objective, rational, and analytical. I realize many of you are writing about first-hand observations, but, if possible try to rephrase into this context. It will make your paper be stronger, more compelling, and fit the “environment” of the paper better, and therefore, fulfill the purpose of the paper better (aka be eligible to earn more points).

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