Asia study class (400 words essay)

Congratulations! You have acquired an internship at the local art museum. You are very excited to begin work there and make a mark for yourself. Here is the dilemma: While surfing the internet the other day, you have come across a website that claims to sell authentic Indian antiquities. Because you are currently taking a course on south Asian religions, this site made you curious. A terra-cotta figurine that look very close to the ones you have seen in the Harappa site captures your attention and you want to draw your boss, the museum director’s attention to it. However, you need to be careful, because you know very well that the internet is full of fraudulent artifacts that look authentic, but in reality are cheap reproductions. This particular figurine, however, makes you interested in taking a closer look.

Present a short brief (400 words, double spaced) 1) why you think this particular figurine can be a good acquisition for your museum, and 2) what could be the issues that you should keep in mind when buying such a piece from the internet. Finally, 3) recommend steps that you can take to assess the authenticity of the product to the best of your ability. Remember, if you can impress your boss, this internship can lead to a serious job offer.

Grade on this assignment will depend on

1. Clearly explaining to your boss why the history of Harappa and Mahenjo-Daro is important? 3 points

2. What makes the figurine in question noteworthy? 2 points

3. What are the dangers inherent in these kinds of purchases? 2

4. What steps should one take to make sure it is a genuine artifact? What are the possible limitations that one should be mindful of? 2

5. Proper grammar, spelling, and citations: 1

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