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This paper will represent how you have or will put the information from this class into practice in your everyday life. At the beginning of the class, you were instructed to choose a person on which to focus as you learned communication principles. It is important to do outside research and use quotes, at least three, from that research in your paper. The citation and reference examples in the assignment use APA style, but if you are more familiar with MLA you may use that. The criteria for the Paper is attached. Please follow the format in the document . Should be 4 pages not including cover and reference. I also attached a book but you will need to use other sources.

Use this information to complete the Relationship Analysis paper ,and follow the format in The criteria for the Relationship Analysis Paper

Relationship Analysis

  1. The selected person, in this case, is Oliver. He is my boyfriend and we have been dating for the past five months. Ours is a romantic relationship because it constitutes all the characteristics of romantic relationship including love, commitment, and affection (Adler et al., 2018). We meet frequently, at least twice a week, and engage in social activities like taking walks, cycling and skating. Oliver lives in my neighborhood, a factor that has significantly contributed to the growth of our relationship. This is because it encourages frequent interactions, which rekindle the fires of love thus cementing the relationship. I have realized that being in a relationship and falling in love is the easy part but nurturing and letting it mature into a long-lasting relationship comes with numerous hardships including broken communication. However, if the two partners work together in a romantic relationship, they will have positive experiences.
  2. I would like to improve my relationship with Oliver for various reasons including seeking happiness and satisfaction. Generally, being with a person you love brings happiness, joy, and satisfaction, no wonder many people refer to their partners as “happy pills”. Improving the relationship with Oliver would mean that when I am encountered with challenges or something is wrong, I will have someone who will support me not only physically but also spiritually. Other than helping each other, it will also mean that I will have someone who can appreciate and congratulate me whenever I achieve small goals at a time.

Improving the relationship will make me feel more confident and secure. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend who is supportive will encapsulate a great sense of inspiration and encourage you to continue pursuing your dreams and goals irrespective of the numerous challenges on the way. This is because if a partner believes in you, they make you become more confident and have the urge to achieve more so you can impress him. In a broader sense, improving the relationship will catalyze to help me work harder and become more consistent.

I will improve the relationship to be less prone to stress, promote our mental, emotional, and physical health. Generally, relationships are associated with numerous challenges, which can be stressful in the long run. However, according to Adler et al., (2018), being in a healthy relationship is stress relieving and partners live longer and healthier lives as they act as each other’s cheerleaders. Improving the relationship with Oliver will mean that, when I have a frustrating and tedious day, we can meet have simple conversations and inspiration to replenish my energy. Additionally, improving the relationship will mean that the partners become more understanding, less judgmental, and possessive. This means that there will be reduced conflicts in the relationship and we will be able to handle issues with great maturity.

I will improve the relationship to have someone who can honestly correct me and help me discover more about myself. Mostly, a person who truly cares and loves someone will not tolerate mistakes and will often find honest ways of rebuking them without tampering with your self-esteem or motivations. In a broader sense, a healthy relationship will help partners develop openness and transparency in their communication therefore sharing power in the relationship (Wiley, 2007), which make it easy to gauge whether they are heading in the right direction with their goals independently, and when they make mistakes, they can identify and correct them. Improving the relationship will assist in discovering more about myself including strengths, capabilities, personality, and values. The relationship stage of life involves spending time with a partner to help you recognize your true character and identity. Taking up social activities and executing life goals with a partner will help you discover your areas of strength, which you can capitalize to turn weaknesses to your advantage. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, partners in romantic relationships are cheerleaders and they congratulate you whenever you identify or discover a new trait that will positively affect your life.

I will improve my relationship with Oliver because I need his help in improving values like patience and humility, which will not only impact our relationship but also help change the world. Having been raised in different backgrounds, I have realized we possess different values and tend to complete some activities uniquely. However, I feel that being in a healthy relationship will help develop more values because one deals with issues like misunderstandings head-on. This means that one will gradually develop the values, which helps control temper, understand each other, admit mistakes, forgive, and interact with other people in the society more effectively.

Other than helping me grow and reach my goals, I believe that when we improve the relationship, there will be a conducive environment for Oliver to pursue his goals and dreams too. It will provide an opportunity for me to chip in and offer my support, motivate, and inspire him. A good relationship will be characterized with respect, which I will offer to ensure Oliver grows to be my future husband without losing his masculinity and position as a man in the process. Additionally, I feel that improving the relationship with Oliver is the best way to plan for the future to form a team effort. This is because through assisting each achieve our personal goals we are forming a team. Other than the personal goals, for a relationship to last, there must be collective goals for the partners, which will help them sail in the same direction. There are other reasons why it is important to improve the relationship including growing the family and friends’ circle, exploring true love, help become a better person, and improve communication skills.

  1. According to Adler et al., (2018), communication is the most important competency that is necessary for the success of romantic relationships, meaning it is more essential than sex and passion or any other factor. In a broader sense, communication is paramount since it creates love connections and tends to differentiate the extent of any relationship. In this, I mean that through communication, individuals seize questioning whether they are friends, lovers, or best friends and can identify their positions in other people’s lives with ease.

In the romantic relationship with Oliver, there are numerous occasions I feel the communication is less desirable or strained. One of the interactions is when I realize the conversations between Oliver and I encapsulate a sense of blame game, which I consider a love-breaking language. Whenever I find myself using words like “you never”, “it is your fault”, “you are crazy” while communicating with Oliver I usually reflect and feel that as much as he might have done something wrong, I failed my part. This kind of communication is characterized by defensiveness, mistrust, and withholding, which often separate us or reduce our affection if the main problem is not resolved in real-time. Similarly, the case applies when I realize that my partner has love-breaking patterns in their communication, I usually know there is an underlying issue that requires solutions. This requires a candid conversation to address the issue to replace the love-breaking patterns with love-making language.

Secondly, another interaction that makes the communication between Oliver and me to be less desirable or strained is one of us develops the “my way” mentality, which tends to eliminate one of the partners on the matter at hand. In other words, it means that one partner’s view in the communication is overlooked which demonstrates self-centrism, which usually occurs due to disconnection in communication. When I find my partner using words like “I want to do this” instead of “we will do this”, it an indication that there are flaws that are disrupting the vital interest in each other’s development. In this case, we work on the mindset to embrace a growth mindset, which will not only assure satisfaction but also create joyful integration.

Third, when encountered with a scenario where either of us has brought up a past issue that was hurting, disappointing, or resentment, it is an indication that there is a challenge with the communication style. For instance, when my partner says, “you never apologized and you have done it again”, it is an indication that there is consistent re-injury, which is caused by cumulative past hurts. Usually, the hurts are not addressed because when there are communication problems, the partner tends to raise queries on the matter at hand but the truth of his/her feeling is suppressed by the other partner. Similar cases include when my partner overreacts over relationship issues, which may resemble past traumas. I compellingly agree with Overall & McNulty (2017) standpoint that the broken communication as seen above is caused by unmet expectations, conflicting goals, and discrepancies in power. I have realized the best communication solution to these problems is to adopt a beginner’s mind where we relate to each other with curiosity and inquiry.

  1. I am naturally optimistic about my relationship with Oliver because interacting successfully with a person who was once a stranger demonstrates growth in social skills and maturity. I believe that the communication challenges we are encountering in our relationship are normal and similar to other people’s relationships since none is perfect.I must work with my partner to improve the relationship because it has significantly contributed to healthy living since it has allowed us to smile, laugh more and view life more positively.

I believe we have equal responsibilities with my partner in making sure we improve the relationship to reduce chances of encountering conflict among other challenges. To improve the relationship, which I believe will be possible; I chose to listen to my partner more. This follows my realization that most of the misunderstandings and miscommunication are a result of half-listening, which results in giving half-assed responses. I will advocate for creating successful connection with my partner, which according to Wiley (2007), keeping it clear, soft, safe, and positive will play key role in achieving the outcomes. Additionally, I will focus and talk more about our future for our relationship to be more stable and show focus and commitment to see it flourish.

In conclusion, the person used in this analysis is Oliver who is my boyfriend ad we have a romantic relationship. I looking forward to improving the relationship because I believe it has some imperfections including broken communication, which results in disconnection. I would like to improve the relationship because Oliver is my source of happiness and joy and my experiences with him are memorable and satisfactory. Additionally, the relationship promotes our mental, emotional, and physical health, helps us discover each other’s identity, and helps us grows and reach life goals. Some of the interactions that result in a communication between us less desirable and strained are those characterized by blame game, “my way” mentality, and resentments. I am optimistic about improving our relationship and will be committed to ensure there are limited conflicts by being kind, humble, appreciating the man.


Adler, R., Rosenfeld, L., & Proctor II, R. (2018). Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication (14th ed.). Oxford University Press.

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