Art Question

Include a Title Page, with a Title (be creative with what you title your essay…maybe it is more indirect, and not so on the nose about what your essay will be about?)…and also please include your name, date, class section, class number and class name.

Then in your essay…begin with one Paragraph that serves as an Introduction Paragraph to your Essay. Have this introduction be a brief review of what you will be writing about for the rest of the essay – maybe include a quick mention of the kind of PROJECT you ended doing (like is it an art piece, or an interview, or a proposal for a public event?)…as well as a quick mention of a couple ideas or topics you want to explore a little more here in this essay as well (they could be, but don’t have to be, the two topics you Presented on). You could also do a small reflection of what you thought the course was like as a whole here.

Then in your essay…write two more Paragraphs about the Project (not Presentation) you are doing or have now done (i.e. the art piece, or the interview, or the proposal for the public event…if you did more than one Project to get the Extra Credit Points, you can either write just about one of the Projects or you can write about all the ones you did).

Then you want to write two more Paragraphs in your essay…but have these Two Paragraphs be about a subject or concept or topic you learned about in class or through the readings this semester (i.e. you don’t have to but you could pick the topics you Presented on, as topics to further explore here). (( The topic I pick is , indigenous History , United Farm Workers ))

Include at least 2 or 3 Quotes from each of the Readings you had (i.e. remember you could plug-in the sentences you highlighted in Bold in your “Reading Responses”…maybe you can read over your essay and then see where they could best fit in your Essay. (( I have attached the readings ))

Include somewhere in your Essay at least 2 Images. Please have one be an image of Your Project (i.e. the art piece or interview or proposal for a public event), have another be an image of something related to what you are writing about conceptually or through subject matter and topics that interest you (if you download something from the internet please cite where you got it from) – it could be an image related to your Small-Group Ism Project too.

Include a Bibliography that cites the references you are using, including where you got the images you inserted (even if you took the images yourself, you should say so).

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