Annual Report to Shareholders + Presentation Slides,analyze data

You will need to succinctly assess the performance of your company both relative to the other company’s in your simulation AND in terms of executing your original strategy and meeting your original objectives. (Make sure you don’t become very descriptive and write a “story” of what has happened). You need to be analytical. This is also an ANNUAL report so the focus needs to be on the current performance

You will need to propose any new revisions to your original strategy or perhaps develop a totally new strategy depending upon your company’s standing at the end of the of simulations (Make sure you give enough space for developing the future recommendations, It is suggested that 2 out of the 5 presentation sides should be used for this)

You will need to “sell” your conclusions and recommendations to your shareholders at the AGM. Hence you will need a short set of presentation slides

The format of the report should comply with the following

1/ “Executive” Summary

A report front cover plus one page of A4 executive summary that should include key conclusions and recommendations.

Front cover is of an ANNUAL REPORT to shareholders. The summary should work in isolation from the main it might be the only thing that actual gets read.

It is suggested you look at the format of real company reports for inspiration. There are company reports available in the library. However, these will be substantially longer than your work so you need to be selective.

3/ Powerpoint presentation slides for your AGM with shareholders

A title slide plus a maximum of 5 other slides.

These are meant to be for a presentation not to replace a word document. The slides should complement the report

It is suggested you print the slides in the form of a “2 slides” per page handout

So altogether you will have a cover, summary, five page report and six slides (two per page)

That should be a total of 10 sides.


Things to Consider


The target audience for your output are the shareholders of your company. So think “what do shareholders want to know?”

Use of Theory

As this is primarily a “business report,” you are not a required to reference the theoretical models that you will be using to come to your conclusion about your company’s performance and your strategy to move on from where you are now.

It is expected that the underpinning theory behind your decisions, although implicit, will be obvious to the reader.

Word Limits

There are no word limits on these only page limits. (Any pages in excess of the limit will be ignored). Do not, however, use a ridiculously small fonts or narrow margins. Professional appearance and high visual impact (ie you need to be looking at graphs/charts/ and use of images as well as a good graphic design) are also key assessment criteria.


The work will be given a single grade that is entered into the four modules (ie there are not separate elements or marks for the four subjects).

Marking Criteria

Apart from the generic MBA marking criteria a specific criteria ‘grid’ is published separately.

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