A research brief

The purpose of this assignment is to learn more how the terms that people search for using web search engines reflect (and even predict!) what is happening in our world.For this assignment, use Google Trends to explore what terms people have been searching for on Google You should compare the search activity for some set of related words over time and write a brief (1-2 pages) (single spaced, Times New Roman, 11 font) about your findings.😊

1.Start by going to the Google Trends web page. You should pick some subject than you are interested in and see how searches for related terms have varied over time. For example, you could compare the popularity of searching for different sports teams, music groups, products, companies, political concerns, or world events. You must find something that has a connection to consumer behaviour. You should compare between three and five search terms that are related to your topic (e.g., comparing searches for the words Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin would give you four search terms all related to the 2008 Presidential Election).

2.Submit a brief (no more than two single-spaced pages) describing what you found. Your brief should include the following points:

Specify the exact query you gave to retrieve your results (e.g., the search terms, the locations, and the time frame) from Google Trends. Describe how your search terms are related (i.e., the overall subject you are investigating).

Include the graph that Google Trends produced. You can save a copy of the screen/web page (e.g., using Snip & Sketch) and paste it in your report.😊

An accurate description of the relative popularity of the search terms. For example, what is the relative ordering of popularity of the search terms? How much more popular is one search term than another?

A description of the popularity of the search terms over time. Is there any seasonal or regular, periodic nature to the popularity of the search times? Is the popularity of these search terms increasing or decreasing over time? Has the relative popularity of the search terms changed at all over time? Are there distinct moments in time when the popularity of the search term has abruptly increased or decreased?

Your interpretation (a subjective discussion) about the relative popularity of the search terms and their popularity over time. Why do you think some of the search terms are more popular than others? How do the search terms correlate with what is going on in the real world? What information from the other sources do you have to back up your speculations? What world events correspond to any observed peaks in search popularity?

Dig more deeply using Google Scholar. Locate two articles that have the potential to inform or explain your findings from the scholarly literature. Include the APA formated references and briefly describe how they might shed insight.

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