5-6 pages Argumentative Essay: The struggle of single parenthood

I have my topic and outline and I have to write 5-6 pages Argumentative Essay

Please note:

  • The argument syntheses should be research based.
  • You will be expected to synthesize information from at least five (5) academic sources, and pay close attention to the following:
  • Argument structure: parts of argument, as discussed in class
  • APA formatting (including proper citation to avoid plagiarism)
  • Spelling and diction (avoid cyber speak)
  • Paper flow paragraph and sentence structure and well developed
    • Introduction with thesis,
    • Body and
    • Conclusion

Argumentative Essay Outline

Topic: The struggle of single parenthood


Claim: for a child to be properly raised it does not depend on the structure of the family but rather the values and norms taught to the child.


In support of my claim: through the efforts of the single parents, they are able to fully support their children in terms of providing for them and offering emotional support. Single parenting can be quite difficult but there is no major difference between the children raised by single parents and those raised by both parents.

Counterarguments: According to Robert Maginnis, families of single parents are associated with juvenile crimes, “Children from single-parent families are more likely to have behavior problems because they tend to lack economic security and adequate time with parents.

Refutation: even though some single parents have failed in their responsibilities, majority have made efforts in providing and caring for their children.

Conclusion: The final product of the child depends on what is taught during the young ages, and their emotions are majorly influenced by the amounts of love and care bestowed on them. it does not depend on the structure of the family.

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