2 writing , 1 discussion and multiple choice

1, discussion question

Hollywood and popular culture has influenced many of our conceptions about the past, especially the Middle Ages. Is there anything your learned that made you rethink your previous understanding or idea of medieval culture? What were you most surprised to learn? What would you like to know more about? Be specific.

2, essay

INSTRUCTIONS: All submissions will be subject to text-similarity review on www.turnitin.com for the detection of plagiarism.

1. Review Module 8.2 on the Middle Ages. Make sure to read the required sections Chapter 9 and Chapter 11 in your textbook.

2. Read the following primary source excerpts from the You must use quotes from this source as evidence for your essay.

3. Download the prompt and complete the final essay.

3rd assignment

3, Every world civilization produced/s art. Art reflects the values, ideals, and experiences of a civilization.

Submit your project as a PDF because it will contain images.

INSTRUCTIONS: All submissions will be subject to text-similarity review on www.turnitin.com for the detection of plagiarism.

(1) Watch these 5 videos on ancient and medieval art.

1. Mesopotamian art:

2. Egyptian art:

3. Greek art:

4. Roman art:

5. Medieval art:

(2) Choose 1 artwork, object, or architectural example from each of the five styles above. Use Google or another search engine to the art. Then, download a picture of each artwork, record its name, and date of creation.

(3) Create a project detailing your knowledge and analysis of each of your chosen artworks. You may complete your project in any program. PowerPoint could be a good option. Save your project as a PDF before uploading to preserve your formatting. Make sure your project includes the following sections:

  1. Image of each artwork with basic provenance information: What is it? What does it depict? When was it created? By whom (if it is known)? Where?
  2. Analysis of each artwork (250–300 words/artwork) responding to the following question: What does your chosen artwork reveal about the culture in which it was produced? Use your chosen artwork as a primary source to make a historical argument. In other words, use the artwork to make a conclusion about the culture in which it was created.

YOU WILL BE GRADED ON THE THOUGHTFULNESS OF YOUR ANALYSIS. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR PROJECT. You should review the readings in your textbook and consider how certain historical events may have influenced the artist.

Remember, this is a project! Make is visually appealing. Formatting is up to you. Don’t forget to submit the project as a PDF so that your formatting is preserved.

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