2 Three page mini research papers

2 three page mini research papers on the questions below. you will choose 2 of the questions and write 3 pages double spaced per question. I will provide some presentations that you should incorporate in the essay (see PDF instruction for more detail) otherwise you can use independent
/podcasts/ books
to develop your
argument.. citation page for both.

Please answer 2 of
the following 3 questions:

Dependency Theory stands opposite to neoliberalism and liberal economic policies.. Does
this sound like a true statement?? Whatever your answer please back up your argument
at least two case studies
These case studies shoul
d be
taken from lecture or
presentations.. Be sure to includ
e specific details about these
cases that can back up your
answer whatever your argument..

The history of Latin America has been one of failed attempts to overcome corruption,,
underdevelopment,, and instability.. Its colonial past and the
two centuries seem to
weight that it
very unlikely that
the region can,, in the

first century,,
overcome this past.. True or false?? Based on readings,, presentations,, and
lectures please comment on this statement providing
at least two countr
support your argument..

you are a president of a Latin Ameri
can country and you need to place your
country in a sound development path.. You will have at least two available different
economic policies:: a more socialized,, strong

state economic policy or a neoliberal
approach to politics..
Which one would you choose,,
and why??
What are the ups and
downs of each??
Please provide a discussion of both approaches so you can justify your

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