2 part Assignment

ind the attachment.

for file name task 1 ( the answer sheet is attached “Answer Sheet, Exercise 6”)

for task 2 here is the directions and I will attach both required files



The exercise is based on the attached article – in your analysis, skip the stuff about Joseph McCarthy’s HUAC committee. That is a background issue to the situation discussed in the article and the making of the movie On the Waterfront but, for this exercise begin on the first page with the paragraph that begins, “The Real Story.” The articles is about 3 1/2 pages long.

The purpose of this exercise is to go deeper into the subject of evil. The idea of sinful social structures (e.g., the institutionalized racism sometimes embedded in otherwise very good institutions is still powerful today) is probably the best handle on how evil actually works in the world. Evil cannot always be described as demonic; perhaps a better characterization today of evil would be “slick.” For evil to be “slick,” it must be hidden and take advantage of people’s “badness” as well as people’s inherent goodness. In this way it gains power and is able to cover up its goals and methods and to even make these sound worthwhile and worth protecting.

For example: Using the slogan “separate but equal” in trying to maintain segregation and preventing African-Americans from going to the (usually much better) schools and jobs that whites had access too. Our example next unit will be sweat shops (or otherwise known as “how we are able to buy cheap clothes”).This exercise tries in some way to expose this overall dynamic.


  • The exercise is elaborated on the attached assignment.
  • The easiest thing to do is fill out the answers on the assignment itself, include a heading, then rename it and submit.

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