100 to 200 word self analysis of person artifact

In this unit, we are talking about perception and culture. The items that we wear and the things we surround ourselves with tell a story about us. I want you to think of an item that you own that tells a story about you. We may not think too much about these items on a daily basis because they are a part of our everyday life. We form impressions of others based upon these very things. We call any physical item that can give someone a sense of that person’s culture an artifact. For example, a Rolex watch is an example of an artifact. What would you think if you saw someone wearing a Rolex watch?

Your task this week is to describe an artifact from your own life. I want you to describe the item (or even better-post a picture!). What does this item say about you? What does this item reflect about your culture’s values? Does it reflect positively or negatively on your self-concept?

Please take a look at the rubric for this assignment. Click on the Cog button to the right or review these directions:

How do I view my discussion Rubrics (Links to an external site.)

You will need to DIRECTLY reference the textbook in your response to receive full credit. Here are some more hints:

  1. Provided a summary of your observation or response to the activity. Please post by Friday.
    Hint: You should provide a thorough response to the assignment by Friday
  2. Used adequate substance in the content of the post (a minimum of 100-200 words).
    Hint: Some activities require different words length.
  3. Linked information to a textbook or other research-based principle about interpersonal communication.
    Hint: You must directly reference textbook concepts to meet this requirement. You must also include proper in-text citation.
  4. Wrote with academic style, which communicated well. Used speller, correct capitalization, correct style, and large font.
    Hint: Check your work for spelling errors.

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