​Produce a business plan for establishing a new business venture

Your business plan must
comply with the following:

1. Your venture must contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

2. Your venture must have revenues from year 1 or 2.

3. Your product or service must have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

4. Your business idea cannot be a sustainable cell phone or grocery delivery service.

5. The word limit is 2000 words.

Content and Structure

The business plan MUST include the following sections:

1. Title page – You need to include the name of your venture, your name, contact
information (e-mail) and date.

2. Table of contents – You need to list the sections of the business plan and commencing
page numbers.

3. Executive summary – You need to provide a convincing summary of your business plan.
This should include the key elements from the business plan including product (or
service), market, company and the management team, operations and financials.

4. Product (or service) – You need to include an explanation of the product or service (may
also include a diagram of your product), unique selling proposition (USP). Avoid scientific
jargon and use plain English if possible.

5. Market analysis – This section should be based on desk research. No actual field
(primary) research should be conducted as it requires ethics approval. Please include
what field research you plan to conduct in order to further strengthen your analysis in
your business plan. Make sure to use the tools discussed in class!
a. Size and growth
b. Attractiveness of the market
c. Competitor analysis

6. Marketing plan
a. Pricing
b. Distribution channels
c. Promotion

7. Company and the management team
a. Explain mission, vision and values.
b. Your short biography in a paragraph format (A CV should also be included in the
c. Short description of other management team members who will be recruited

8. Operations plan
a. Scope of operations – Major activities to be performed in-house/outsourced;
b. Development timeline – Briefly explain development timeline (Gantt chart should be
included in the appendix)

9. Financial plan
a. Summary pro forma income statements (3 years)
b. Major assumptions
c. Major risks
d. Funding required (amount, source, timing and purpose).

10. Appendix – This MUST be cross-referenced in the main body of the business plan.
Nothing else should be included here. Anything else included here except listed below (a
to d) will not be marked.
a. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
b. Gantt chart
c. 3 years of detailed pro forma Income Statement
d. Detailed assumptions

11. References – List the references alphabetically here using Harvard Reference Style.

* Do not conduct any primary research as it requires ethics approval from the university.
* Title page, table of contents, appendix and references do not count toward word count.
* As the planning time horizon is relatively short you may form the conclusion that the
business is not viable, but that does not invalidate the plan. If the business is not viable,
make sure you state this in your executive summary and why. If confidentiality is important
to you, please state this on the front cover of your business plan. Otherwise, it may be
shown to future students as an example

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