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Write one page and half for other group which is what is the habit

This is a brief summary what I listed

Every one in their group do well and each one talked about what their are habit and expline very clearly to us. One of them description the hike king how he enjoy it and i was interesting about it.

This is the description how to write it:

After taking notes from the Team Experience, you are to write a critique response from one team’s (other than your own) presentation. Consider Chapter 13-Delivery when forming your critique. Please follow the guidelines below:

1. Select a presentation OTHER than your group’s presentation. Make sure to mention the team’s nameyou critiqued in the first paragraph.

2. You are to write one 1.5 pages minimium.

3. Provide a cover sheet with your name, date, and Quiz 4.

4. Exam will be double-spaced, 12 pt. font, Time New Roman with default margins. Any exam submitted not following these requirements will receive a straight 20 point deduction from the final grade. Again, follow the above font and spacing requirements.

5. Any late exams will receive five points off per day late.

6. I will not accept ANY exam via email.

7. The critique will be graded using the following criteria:

Content: 50 pts.

Grammar: 25 pts.

8. Delivery components to consider:

Communication apprehension

Methods of Delivery

Vocal delivery (Rate, pitch, volume, pauses, vocal fillers, pronunciation).

Visual delivery (Eye-contact, body movements, posture).

Connection and interaction with audience

Presentation aids (Visuals used: could there be better visuals, removal of aids)

What stood out and impressed you about this team?

Do you feel that the team practiced? Is more rehearsal needed?

What improvements could the team make?

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