Topic: Education- Outline And Annotated Bibliography

Dear Students: Hopefully you are continuing your preliminary work for what will eventually be your 4-6 page Research Paper (with roughly 4-6 sources). Now it’s time to take the next steps beyond finding your first three sources by adding at least one more source and then (1) completing an Annotated Bibliography and (2) a Formal Outline for your paper. I ask that you complete these two assignments, detailed below, by no later than the beginning of our scheduled class period on Saturday, 7/24/21.

First Assignment:

An “Annotated Bibliography” is a bibliography that gives a brief summary of each of your minimum 4 sources to provide your reader with an evaluation of each source.

Please be exact in following the model provided via the links below:

1.Provide the MLA Heading for a College Paper with the listing of Your Name, My Name, The Class, and the Date

2.State your Topic, such as Internet Dating

3.State your given position on your Topic, your Thesis, such as Internet Dating while convenient and surprisingly romantic also comes with great risk.

4.Provide the precise MLA citation for your source, whether it be an article, book, or TEDTALK, and then put your summary below it. (This has to be done exactly, not just the pasting of an URL, so please consult a reference text such as OWL Purdue or simply Google “How to cite an article MLA style” and copy the model)

LibGuides: MLA Style Guide, 8th Edition: MLA Annotated Bibliography

Second Assignment:

Outline your Research Paper by reviewing the notes provided by the link below. You will note that this isn’t the same “Informal Outline” that we practiced for the Textual Analysis Papers, but rather a more Formal Outline for the purpose of Research Writing. *I’ll remind you that you are striving to write a paper of roughly 4-6 pages.

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