three identity theories, critical race theory, Gender Identify theory, and disability theory,

The initial instructions is to answer this question,

“The complexities of identity development in a postmodern world are not fully captured without attention to multiple and intersecting identities and the sociocultural contexts in which identities are constructed and negotiated” (Jones, 2009, JCSD, p. 257). Multiple identity dimensions include gender, race, culture, social class, sexual orientation, and disability, among others. Please identify and explain at least three (3) identity theories . Using these theories, explain how students experience multiple identities and how these experiences affect their development. Please answer the question completely and provide support and examples throughout.

I did choose critical race theory, Gender Identify theory, and disability theory,

-For this assignment Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, do not include any of K12 references,

-The file have all the professor comments, please edit it and make the need adjustment

-I want you to explain how students experience multiple identities and how these experiences affect their development in each theory.

– Make a concluding paragraph about the theory and the experience and then made transition to the second theory.

– Topic sentence should reflect my thesis and student experience topic for every paragraph

Please fallow this in all the paper , also please make a connection btw sentence and paragraph

Here is the general professor comments, the essay fails to include either an introductory paragraph or a conclusion paragraph, thereby leaving the reader to wonder what the essay is about. The essay only partially answers the question asked. There is an adequate discussion of identities models, but explicit connection to the experiences of students drawing directly from relevant literature is missing. In short, the port of the question that says, “explain how students experience multiple identities and how these experiences affect their development” is undeveloped.

-This questions approximately 20 pages (your actual page range might be 15-25, not including references). You are expected to use primary sources whenever possible; textbooks should only be used when they are the primary source, or when the primary source is not available. If you are citing “primary” material from within another “secondary” source, please use proper APA citation to indicate this.

-Your paper must be written in proper APA 6th Ed. style. Please make sure you build in time to edit and review your paper before submitting it. The graders will be marking your paper down for incorrect APA, poor grammar, incorrect syntax, or other mechanical/ compositional issues.

APA Guidelines

You are expected, and will be graded on, correct APA usage. Here are some helpful links in the event that you are unsure of APA rules and guidelines:

Purdue OWL website on APA:

APA style mini tutorial:

YouTube tutorials:

In the event of discrepancies between the APA manual and other style guides, the APA manual will always take precedent. However, there are a few APA components you do not need for this exam: 1) no abstract required; and 2) no running head required.

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