self reflection

Your assignment will be graded on how thoroughly you attend to the areas below.

      • Self Reflection
      • Analytical Reflection
      • Grammar, Attention to Detail, Accurate Citations

Self Reflection

Keeping in mind that this assignment requires a critical analysis your letter should engage the following:

  • Personal reflection about a character from the play.
    • What about their character and story resonated with you?
    • How do you relate to this character? Do you hold similar or differing views from that of the character ?
  • Consider qualities of the character or experiences of the character that were new to you, surprising, and/or potentially disheartening. Why?

Analytical Reflection

  • Provide and analyze one course concept, key word, or topic we’ve discussed so far in the course and how it relates to your character.
    • Explain to your character what you are learning in class and how that concept or idea could address a dilemma the character is facing?
    • Consider how the course materials could help or comfort your character?
  • What is something that your character taught you, generally and specifically about contemporary youth issues.
    • How would you use what you learned from this character in your own life? In your own career?
    • How has this experience helped you to better understand youth issues related to incarceration?
    • How has this experienced helped you to better understand what is often discussed in the field of Critical Youth Studies as the School to Prison Pipeline.”

Grammar, Attention to Detail, Accurate Citations

Your letter should be written as a letter and be no more than 1200 words (this doesn’t include references) typed, double-spaced, in 12-point (of an easily legible) font, and with 1” margins. Make sure your assignment has your name, the course title, and the assignment title. Keep in mind, you have limited space. Use concise, comprehensive language (i.e., avoids “filler” or “fluff”). Filler always looks bad, distracts from your argument, and will be graded down. Check your spelling. Finally, all materials cited in your paper must be cited following APA format, including a reference section. Any reproduction of words and ideas that are not yours originally must be cited or you run the risk of plagiarizing.

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