Response #4

The Response Paper Part 5 is based on the lesson, material and assignment of week 12,13,14.

In Part 5 we learned that Nature is part of who we are, as we are all part of one living system called Nature. In it what determines life is the bioenergetic interconnection. Nature provides us with air to breathe, material for our shelter and socio-economic development, as well as ingredients for our food and medicines. Nature also provides us with the activation of our self-healing by supporting our immune system through bioenergetic interconnection, the release of biochemicals such as monoterpenes, and through our bond with call biophilia, a genetic bond built in the course of our evolution.

Following the concepts and methodologies, described in the book “The Secret Therapy of Trees”, we understand that the time spent in nature is easily transformed into an effective therapy. In all its versions, from a simple walk, a bath in the woods, or to a more targeted rehabilitation, like a psychophysical treatment such as garden therapy, forest therapy, coaching or brainstorming conducted in green spaces.

Now, let’s revisit all the exercises, directions and questions, that we explored in the book, in order to practice the methodology that allows us to recognize, which are the most restorative places, and from which we will derive the maximum benefit:

  • Meditation on the beauty of a natural place, pages 19-20-21.
  • Kaplan’s “Theory of Restorative Attention” that gives us the characteristics of a restorative environment, pages 57-58-59-60.
  • P. G Grahm’s “Visitor mental power model” that gives us the tools to connect the state of mental energy of an individual with his ability to interact with an environment, page 65

Reflect on the videos that you’ve watched on the relationship between Nature and Nutrition, in order to understand the characteristics of healthy and medicinal foods.

Prepare your Paper by further elaborating your considerations on the material that we have explored. Reflect and practice applying what you have learned for a better understanding of your life experience, your current state, and how you can incorporate or enhance your conscious relationship with Nature in your journey to self-healing.

Write your Paper as you ponder on the healing power of Nature, and answer the following questions:

  • Describe your relationship with Nature; do you feel the healing power of trees and gardens?
  • Describe your experience of the biophilic and bioenergetic benefits of Nature; how does it feel?
  • How can you apply emotional awareness when you are in Nature; maybe avoiding the use of phones and multitasking?
  • How would you feel about hugging trees? And bringing nature to your home?
  • How would you describe your relationship with healthy and medicinal food? How interested are you in making it a priority in your daily life?
  • Can you prepare your own food? Could you become interested to learn to cook?
  • How could you bring Mindfulness to your eating and digestive habits?
  • Describe your relationship with Nature, could increasing your emphatic conscious connection with it, increase your personal power


    Your assignment submission should be 1000 words, double spaced, in length.The Paper should be formatted as following: intro, body, and conclusion. I suggest, elaborating on the content by reflecting on the questions; your story should contain an implicit response to them. It should contain proper grammar, be free of spelling errors, and reflect observation, introspection, and critical thinking. Criteria for citation: 70% from required books and class material; 30% other resources.For additional support refer to: MLA form

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