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Persuasive Speech Guidelines

1. Pick a topic that affects you in your academic program/career path..

Electrical engineering/ filed of Electronic engineering

2. You must tell the audience in the introduction of your speech why you chose your topic, what your personal concern is with it, and why you chose to talk to us about it.

3 .Use the Persuasive Speech Outline located on BlackBoard. You must provide the instructor with a copy of your outline on the day you speak. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points and rescheduling.

4. You are required to use a minimum of 6 sources in your research for your speech. NO WikiPedia! These sources must be cited orally in the speech as well as listed in a bibliography at the end of your outline that is due the day you speak.

5. Your sources can be in the form of an expert opinion, one URL, magazine, periodical, book, journal, etc.

6. Pay particular attention to rehearsing your delivery style. You are encouraged to deliver your speech with conviction (and maybe even passion!) You cannot persuade your audience to believe if you do not believe in your topic. Unlike the informative speech, points are weighed more regarding delivery style.

8. Visual Aids are optional. You may use technology, but keep it brief.

Persuasive Speech Outline

Topic: Electrical engineering /Electronic

General Purpose: To persuade.

Specific Purpose: To persuade the class to/that….

Thesis: Subject/verb statement of your topic and angle…


I. Introduction

A. (Attention)

B. Thesis –

C. Connect Audience & Self to Topic

  • Personal Concern..
  • Concerns audience because …


II. Body

  • (Need) Current problem…(source)


B. (Satisfy Need) –


C. (Visualize– describe what the future will be like if things are changed or not

changed) – add sub-points as needed.

  • If it is not changed…
  • If it is changed…


III. Conclusion

  • Summary- brief summary of the ideas in the body
    • (Source #)
    • Changing our behavior can …

B. Concluding Statement (Action-encourage your audience to implement your

solution, adopt your attitude, change a behavior, etc.)

Works Cited:

6 sources

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