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The “defund the police” movement seeks to divert money away from police funding and allocating it to other department such as social workers and mental health experts. which would allow the police department to be called out on for police necessary only. I neither support nor oppose it. There are many people who are protesting within the movement but have the primary concern of abolishing the police and some people are ignorant to the benefits of policing in our society. The movement is having a harmful impact on law enforcement by forcing good police officers to resign. In the other hand, I think the funding from police departments going to other departments such as education to reduce crime rates, social work, psychologist, etc. is beneficial to both society and the police officers themselves. A problem is seen that police are starting to act irrationally, and if there was a quality assurance team within the police department, they could decide to allocate certain calls to other departments. These departments receiving more calls will receive the funding required to complete these calls.

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Please discuss your thoughts on the “defund the police” movement (provide references where applicable)? Relate your ideas back to class readings/lectures.


At the beginning, I thought “defunding the police” was a movement that wanted to replace the police entirely. According to Rashawn Ray, “defunding the police” means redirecting the funds to other government agencies by “the local municipality” (2020). It was not meant to truly abolish the police department. However, this misunderstanding can cause the police and civilians to panic and make irrational decisions. There have been some cities that have started this movement—Minneapolis, as an example. The article continued claiming the funding could be moved to other services—social services—that could help with society’s mental health, homelessness, and addiction—these are common problems that we face in society.

The funding towards the police comes from the Community Oriented Policing Services program—also known as COPS. This program’s funding that was received in June came to be $400 million. Brian Naylor claims that the funding was for the fiscal year 2020 and the plan was to hire “2,732 police officers in 596 law enforcement agencies” (2020).

This movement has been started up again during the current Black Lives Matter Movement, and the movement began from a police brutality case. This would go according to one of readings as a typology of police corruption and misconduct. This brutality case would go along with the “Excessive Force” typology, and the force can be restricted to “minimal”,” reasonable”, and” proportionate” force (2009). Penzler continues to say that the impact to corruption and misconduct can “highly variable effects”, and the effects can have someone be horribly injured or killed. The unethical side of corruption and misconduct could be from multiple factors. These factors are “high public trust, occupying the role as the gatekeepers of justice, being good role models, having high stress, versatility of job positions, need for coping mechanisms, and the potential for corruption…” (Module 5). However, according to Penzler, the cause of the misconduct/corruption is “structural and cultural influences” (2009). I believe what is currently happening is the structure is being unbalanced with uncertainty and raising more stress to the police department. However, there is no known factor that can cause this but can be influence by multiple things. Trying to find the source of corruption or misconduct is very difficult.

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