M03: First Day on the Job research paper

You got the job! Now what? This could be the beginning of a wonderful career. You want to make a good first impression, and you should use this opportunity to invest in your future. How do you do that? In this paper, you will write about what to wear and how to behave at your new job. Here are some things you might want to address, and you might think of others. Please make sure your work is edited, as always. Keep in mind that even if you wear something different at your current job, this paper should be geared toward jobs in business, and reflect what you learned in this course.

  • What will you wear? (1-½ to 2 pages)
    • What is professional business attire?
    • What is business casual wear?
    • Are tattoos and piercings okay?
    • What else do you think is important?
  • How will you act? (1-½ to 2 pages)
    • What questions will you ask on your first day, and who will you ask ?
    • How will you win trust and gain credibility with your coworkers?
    • What will you do to build your network? What will you do to be a good team-player?
    • What are your goals for your career and what will you do at this job to reach them?
    • Are there things you can do to develop your personal brand in this new position?


  • At least three properly formatted references are included on your References page. (10 Points)
  • Photos of two outfits; one business casual and one, a more formal outfit for business. Choose professional outfits you might picture yourself wearing on your first day on the job.. You can use photos you find online as long as you cite them. (Photos are worth 20 points, 10 each. )
  • 3-4 complete pages of content (not including cover page, photos, and references) . (50 points for content, covering the questions above. )
  • Use proper research paper format, including title page and reference page. (10 points)
  • Edit your work! (10 points)

Compose this in a Word document. It doesn’t matter what format you use as long as your work is edited and you have proper references. (Do NOT copy and paste a url only. That is not a proper reference.) Please double-space, and use 12-pt font. Please see the attached rubric and the attached link for help in creating references. Submit your paper here. This project is worth 100 points

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