International Criminal Court

INR 4075 Fall 2018

Fourth Guest Response Essay 5 points

Due: Saturday, November 10 Due: in CANVAS submission box

Answer all the questions from the prompt in an essay response (5 points). See below for further

instructions on format, style, and citations. The essay should be no less than 850 no more than

1000 words.

PROMPT: Building on the previous paper you did on ICC, comment on the history and

importance of the formation of ICC and the importance of it for the global protection of

human rights. What are some current issues being faced by the ICC, and how do they

compare to the types of problems faced since the signing of the Rome Statute

agreement? What is the approach of the ICC towards solving them in a multinational

setting? What is the current Administration of United States opinion of the ICC and

why? Is there a future for the ICC and how would one become involved in it?

Students should first view the guest’s live lecture presentation. After that, students should

write a response paper that summarizes the issue and why it is important. Students must

also include their own evidences, thoughts, and positions based on the information they

received. Students can agree or disagree with the presenter, as they choose.

Formatting Instructions

Failure to follow these instructions will result in a loss of points. All papers must be:

– Submitted in CANVAS by the due date and time

– Max 1000 words, inclusive of name, title, and citations

– No cover sheet, just your name and the title.

– 12 point Times font

– Properly double spaced

– 1 inch margins on all sides

Style Instructions

Failure to follow these instructions will result in a loss of points.

Make your answer in the form of an organized essay which includes:

Page 2 of 2

– A specific thesis statement that explains your argument and does not merely restate the


– Support your argument with examples from your book and at least 3 properly cited

external sources (source must be with .edu or .gov extension; Wikipedia not acceptable

as a source, nor any information from the source with .com extenssion).

– Keep direct quotes to a minimum. Instead paraphrase the text into your own words to

show you understand the concepts. But you can still refer to a source.

– Use proper citations

Citation Instructions

Failure to follow these instructions will result in a loss of points.

Make sure you use the following method for citations

– Use parenthetical citations, for example: (Edwards 2016, p. 257)

– Create a bibliography of the works used for the assignment in APA citation style.

Any remaining questions on formatting, style, or citations should be directed to the instructor

by email. I might not be able to respond to your email if you send it to me the night before the

essay is due, so ask your questions as early as possible.

Plagiarism, as defined by the student handbook, and in

any possible form, is unacceptable and will result with

the appropriate sanctions and penalties outlined in the

student handbook, as well as a score of 0 for the course.

So don’t do it!

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